Play Ludo Supreme Win up to ₹ 10 Lakh [ Zupee ]

Play the most popular Zupee Ludo Game online with lakhs of players and win real money

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Play Ludo Supreme Win up to ₹ 10 Lakh [ Zupee ]


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Play Online Ludo Game with Ludo Supreme

Ludo, one of the most popular multiplayer strategy board games, is generally played between 2 or 4 players. It is also known as Pachisi. The objective of each player is to race their four tokens to their house based on rolls of a single dice. With the increasing popularity of the game, now you can play Ludo online with Ludo supreme. Ludo supreme by Zupee is a refreshing take on the classic Ludo game and is a pioneer in real money Ludo gaming.

How to play Online Ludo on Ludo Supreme?

Ludo supreme is an online version of the classic Ludo game. To play Ludo supreme:

  • Choose your preferred Ludo game format from 1vs1, 1 winner, 2 winners, and 3 winners game options.
  • Choose the type of tournament: The one with an entry fee or the free one. You stand a chance to win more cash in the entry fee tournament.
  • Start playing by rolling the dice. You don’t need a 6 to start playing. All tokens are in open position.
  • Every box moved earns you a point. For each token that you take home, you earn extra 56 points.
  • The player or players (in case of 2 or 3 winners) with the most points at the end of the time limit wins the prize pot. A 2-player game lasts for 8 minutes and a 4-player game lasts for 10 minutes.

Ludo Supreme Rules and Fouls

  • No need to roll a 6 to start playing.
  • If you roll a 6, you get another turn.
  • If you roll a 6 three times consecutively, you will have to miss a turn.
  • If you land on a safe box, the opponent’s token can’t cut you.
  • If an opponent’s token lands on your token, your token will be sent back to the start point and all points made on that token will be lost too.
  • If you skip your turn more than twice you lose the game.
  • If you don’t play your turn within 10 seconds, you skip your turn.
  • If you roll a 6 thrice, you have to skip a turn.
  • If an opponent’s token lands on the same box as yours, you’ll lose all the points gathered by that token.

Ludo - Interesting Facts

  • Ludo originated in India and was known as Pachisi.
  • One variation of Pachisi was patented by Alfred Collier in 1896 in England under the name Ludo.
  • Ludo is a latin word that means ‘I play.’
  • All numbers on the opposite side of a dice add up to 7. Go check it!
  • The track of every color consists of 52 squares around the home area. 48 of these squares are white and only four are of different color.
  • Akbar was a big fan of the game. So much that he had separate courts built for the purpose of just playing the game.

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